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Sacred Lingam & Yoni Massage Therapy

Tantric Massage opens up your sensual energy that will heal your body of blocks and hurts from your past, allowing healing pleasure back into your life.

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Fuelled by our profound understanding of Tantra, our approach to tantric massage is authentically heartfelt and life-affirming.

We devote her work to assisting both individuals and couples in alleviating inner unrest through mindful touch.

Drawing from the most potent aspects of both Eastern and Western philosophies, we weave together a comprehensive Tantric journey.

For those who find themselves seeking more, and curious about this healing tradition, we offer the opportunity, welcoming individuals or couples eager to heal their minds and bodies and enhance their consciousness.

What is Tantric Massage?

Originating from the rich spiritual landscapes of India, Tantric Massage stimulates your vital energy (Eros), dispersing it throughout your being and harmonizing your body’s energetic flow. It serves as an path towards relaxation, stress mitigation, and physical healing.

Our therapy sessions help to release energy blockages, and improve the link with your internal self, and physical body, fostering a more enlightening alignment with your life’s purpose.


Tantric Bodywork Aimed at Amplifying and Nurturing Your Self Embodiment

Tantric Massage in Seattle

Our tantric offering merges sacred pleasure techniques and therapeutic bodywork, fostering an enhanced sense of life and unity.

Lingam Massage For Men

We navigate you through potent Tantric methodologies that can provide solutions to PE or ED, direct energy throughout your body, and enhance your vitality. Lingam Massage contributes to the healing process of any lingering shame or trauma encapsulated within your body, purifying feelings of low self-worth from damaging previous relationships.

Yoni Massage For Women

Yoni Massage offers a delicate and transformative route for women to emancipate their bodies, discharge embedded traumas and obstructed energy, and align with their divine core. This deep healing technique aims to rejuvenate harmony within mind, body, and spirit, while also stimulating vital life energy.

Tantra Training

Are you prepared to undertake significant changes in your personal relationship and interactions? Are you in search of a solution for a sexual issue that conventional treatments have not been able to resolve? Are you keen to delve into the enigmatic domain of Tantra? Tantra Seattle offers a secure sanctuary for you to gain knowledge, and improve sensitive relationship problems with the highest level of consideration.

Notice Policy

Please give at least 24 hours notice time for all Tantra bookings.


Please be prepared for a short phone call to discuss your session.


Exact location in Seattle will be provided upon booking.

Is Tantra for you?

To determine if Tantra resonates with you, for any enquiries or booking requests, kindly complete the Contact Form and we will respond to you ASAP.

Tantra Seattle